Roland ZEC-A2000 Series Engraving Cutters


Roland ZEC-A series is the ideal engraving tool to use with your Roland Engraver.


Roland ZEC-A2000 Series naming convention


Series Number Tip
ZEC-A 2XXX Tip Type


The purpose of the Number after Series refers to the shaft diameter; either 2 or 4 which represent a shaft diameter of 1/8" (3.175mm) and 11/64" (4.360mm) respectively.


**Depending on the collete on your machine you may be restriceted to a certain diameter.


The proceeding 3 digits in the Number are used to represent the tip size in mm. For instance the ZEC-A2025 has a tip size of 0.01" which is 0.25mm, whilst the ZEC-A2150 has a tip size of 0.59" which is 1.50mm.


Tip Types:


Tip code Tip name
BAL Brass and Alluminium
QR Quarter Round Cutters
PAR Parrallel